Data Breaches and Cyber-Attacks

By Rob Scott | Partner | Clyde & Co Data security and cyber breaches are becoming an almost daily occurrence, as is widely reflected in increased publicity and media reports, which also demonstrate that data breaches are growing both in frequency and scope each year. South Africa has been slow to regulate cybercrimes and data breaches. There are currently two key pieces of proposed legislation that are relevant: [...]


Personal Connect

Your Hamtern Personal Lines Team, when conducting research and in talking to you our client, understand that your risks and needs are continuously changing and evolving. We have thus included in the newsletter subjects that relate to what we perceive to be your changing requirements. Rental Income We are aware that many of our clients have properties that would be utilized as a form of rental ranging from [...]

Insurance tips: protecting yourself against lightning strikes

Did you know that South Africa ranks in the top three countries in the world for deaths and injuries by lightning strike ? Or that at least 100 South Africans are killed by lightning a year? The recent heavy storms in Johannesburg and Durban should serve as wake -up calls around the huge risks extreme weather poses, both to our property and to us. Lightning is a standard [...]

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How to quieten that barking dog

“My neighbour’s two dogs have been barking incessantly the last few days at all hours of the day and night. My wife and I as well as our young toddler have been getting no sleep and its taking its toll on us personally and at work. Is there anything that we can do legally?" In terms of our law all property owners have the right to the undisturbed [...]

Award: Gauteng Broker of the year

At the MUA Awards earlier this year, Hamtern Personal Lines was recognised as the overall Broker of the Year for 2016. Seen from left to right: Lindsay Robertson of MUA, Elaine Fisher from Hamtern, and Dawie Loots of MUA.