State of the commercial and corporate insurance markets

Whilst the commercial insurance market has remained relatively static for the last number of years, the same cannot be said of the corporate insurance market which is entering its fourth year of a “hard market” cycle. The hard market was initially driven by the losses in this sector of the market coupled with an upward correction of premium rates and deductibles to align with international rating levels. [...]


Following the civil unrest that occurred in July 2021 in KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng, 14 100 claims were lodged with Sasria totalling some R32 billion. Against this loss, Sasria received premiums totalling R2,4 billion in 2020 which is likely to have increased by 5% in 2021. In addition, Sasria have capital reserves of R9,7 billion and reinsurance protections of R6,5 billion. The shortfall in Sasria funds falls [...]

Hamtern on the move

It has been a little while since our last communication. I suppose our only excuse lies in the challenges our client base has experienced over the last couple of years. This in turn stretched our resources to the ultimate as we looked to provide short term insurance solutions and facilitate the processing of claims where cover was in place. Of course I refer to a very challenging [...]

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Personal Lines Corner

Hamtern Personal Lines has 3 options to choose from in terms of product providers. Our bespoke product through MUA Insurance Acceptances, a binder broker agreement with Discovery Insure allowing on line access to the Discovery platform, preferential service and where possible access to discounts on all 3 of their products. Finally a binder broker agreement with Old Mutual which also enables access to their high net product [...]

iToo Cyber-crime

By Candice Sutherland (@Lady_Liabs) Cyber-crime has surged fourfold in the last several years and has increasingly become one of the most crucial security concerns for companies. From credential theft, to phishing and ransomware - hackers of all skill levels have looked to cash in and done very well for themselves. Companies of all sizes are exposed, cyber-crime is not purely a corporate problem, we have seen many [...]

Covid-19 & Lockdown Response

To Our Valued Client,We have observed that the ongoing challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic continue to come closer to home, your home, your vehicle, your life and your state of being. We recognize that during these challenging times you want and need a service provider who will not only continue to insure your risks, but also consider the impact of those risks on your livelihood and the [...]

Partnership Announcement

The directors of Hamtern are very excited to announce the finalisation of a transaction in which Mohau Equity Partners has acquired a 51% stake in Hamtern Financial Services, effective from 1 March 2019. Mohau is an investment holding company founded by Dr Penny Osiris (Moumakwa). The company is a strategic long-term investor, majority owned and controlled by black stakeholders, with 30% being held by black women with Discovery [...]


Can an exemption clause or disclaimer protect you from a liability?

BY PARIKSHA MOODLEY, CAMARGUE UNDERWRITING MANAGER. Disclaimers are everywhere - anytime someone is warning you of something or letting you know something for your own good, it’s a disclaimer. Remember when one woman sued McDonald’s for spilling hot coffee on herself and won $2 million? After that the Company upped the disclaimer on their cup - this coffee is SUPER HOT - be careful.  This example left me pondering [...]

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Mail spoofing, a cyber-threat induced by the victim

BY CAMARGUE UNDERWRITING MANAGERS Mail spoofing and spear phishing are some of the most prevalent cyber frauds committed in businesses globally. This current trend is disastrous to company owners, regardless of their size. Companies can procure technology such as anti-viruses and firewalls to secure their networks and while this is a necessity, it is only partially effective if managed and maintained by security specialists. It will however not [...]

Managing your risk: Crime Part 1

Your Personal Lines servicing team, from time to time, would like to bring to your attention various methods and ideas to help you manage and reduce your risk in areas such as: Crime Storm Lightening / Power Surge Driving habits General maintenance In this circular we will focus on certain crime preventative measures. Follow home Follow home crimes occur when victims are sourced from a location i.e. a [...]

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Background on the origin and causes of the Knysna Fires

Dr Guy Preston, PhD (Environmental Science) Deputy Director-General: Environmental Programmes, Department of Environmental Affairs. June 2017 will be remembered by South Africans for decades to come. A historical moment when Mother Nature showed her true power and the only option was to get out of her path and watch in awe. For a week preceding the fire, extreme weather warnings had been issued with predictions of flooding in [...]

Fire Insurance Critical to Commercial Entities

Article by Santam South Africa loses millions of rands to fire each year. The past fire season saw thousands of people displaced from their homes as a result of fires in the Knysna area, while acres of vineyards were destroyed in the Western Cape in January, decimating revenues within the wine industry. The commercial and industrial sector has also taken a knock. Businesses and enterprise owners who provide [...]