It has been a little while since our last communication. I suppose our only excuse lies in the challenges our client base has experienced over the last couple of years. This in turn stretched our resources to the ultimate as we looked to provide short term insurance solutions and facilitate the processing of claims where cover was in place. Of course I refer to a very challenging economy very much the cause of the COVID pandemic and then compounded by the recent riots.

In terms of the riots, the Hamtern client base suffered losses close to the Billion Rand and quite rightly focused our attention on looking to facilitate settlements via Sasria who were obviously inundated. We have commented more broadly on this here.

Looking back over the last two years there was only one occasion where we had the entire Hamtern staff compliment gathered together. The occasion was imminent to the first lockdown where we addressed our staff on the preparations, work from home policy and mental preparation. We all agree that we have missed the team togetherness and the spirit that it engenders. But in hindsight we believe that we managed to achieve a fair balance, with you our client uppermost in our mind and delivering service from the office or from home.

We are proud that, notwithstanding the difficulties in our beloved country, Hamtern still managed to achieve real growth and over the period, by necessity, we expanded our staff compliment. We introduce to you a couple of new members of staff. Fabian Gama and Puseletso Rapelego in our Commercial team. Nathi Kone has joined our Corporate team.

Fabian Gama
Puseletso Rapelego
Nathi Kone

The title of this introduction does allude to us ‘moving’. The reality is that if at a point in time all the Hamtern staff did return to the office we will have run out of space. Coincidentally, this conundrum aligned with the expiry of our lease at The Oval Office Park. So in a nutshell we have found a new home at the Braes Office Park corner Bryanston Drive and Nicol. We will occupy most of what was formerly Stratford House now renamed Hamtern House. We really do look forward to welcoming you at our new home at some point in the near future.

One thing tends to lead to another and we decided it was also time to refresh our brand and its relative positioning. We looked back over our history and origin and have reaffirmed that nothing is more important to us than Hamtern delivering service excellence. Yes, this may be personalised but its foundation is one of professionalism. We have thus adopted the following

Insurance inspired by SERVICE EXCELLENCE.

Once again we value the ongoing opportunity of providing you, our client, with insurance solutions underpinned by service excellence. Thank you for allowing us to do so now, and into the future.

Hamtern House