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We are fast approaching the completion of our second year in operation since the birth of Hamtern Financial Services in January 2010. We were hoping to have published our inaugural "Hamtern Connect" a lot sooner, but we have been so focused on developing the business that time got the better of us. Our intention is for this to be a quarterly publication, communicating on Hamtern developments, innovative and new products, industry trends, insurance market updates, changes in legislation and global news.

Very briefly, we describe the happenings for Hamtern over the last twenty months or so, a period that literally seems to have flown past.

We originally moved into the office premises in Rivonia of Vickers & Peters with whom we have a trading association. It was a mutual choice between the entities that related to a common culture of service and understanding of customers' needs. This association enables us to offer our clients financial planning, pension fund consulting and asset management.

The formative few months in the life of Hamtern were spent in applying for our FSP licence, evaluating various IT systems, applying for agencies with various insurers and underwriting managers, and choosing a premium collection agency. Our FSP licence took exactly three weeks to be issued from the time of our submission to the FSB to being granted - somewhat of a record as the usual time taken to receive an FSP licence is in the region of three to four months! We also used this time to develop two exclusive products, one for private clients known as Hamtern Personal Asset Care, and the other Hamtern Commercial Care for business clients.

In addition, we were very pleased to have concluded an exclusive trading relationship with Willis, the oldest and third largest global broker. This immediately gave us access to their intellectual capital and specialist resources that assist us in providing insurance and risk management solutions to large corporate entities.

This solid foundation allowed us to commence actively pursuing prospective clients in May 2010, unimpeded by infrastructure issues. This resulted in a sustained period of growth in personal, commercial and corporate clients that far exceeded our expectations.

As a direct result, our staff compliment grew from three members in March 2010 to our current compliment of ten. This necessitated a move in February this year to our own offices, fortunately in the same office park, which allowed us to expand our initial product and service offering to include a niche area specialising in performance guarantees. This has been a remarkable success story, one of which we are very proud.

When we set Hamtern's business philosophies and principals, we were determined that these would be non negotiable, and in summary, are as follows;

absolute transparency in all business transactions,
acting ethically and with integrity at all times,
free of any conflicts of interest,
a professional, but personal approach to our clients and
adopting traditional values, but utilising leading edge technology and innovative product solutions.

We value each and every client we have procured over the past 17 months and wish to thank you for the confidence you shown in supporting Hamtern. The number of referrals we have received from our clients clearly bears testament to the faith you have in our business. In the unlikely event that we are not living up to our promise of providing a personal and professional service, please do not hesitate to allert us.

In this edition we have introduced members of the Hamtern team to you. We are confident that each member brings expertise and passion for both existing and prospective clients, and we will walk a common road of delivering on our service promise to you.

Until next time,

Ian, Denis and the Hamtern team

Back row left to right:

Elaine Fisher

assisted in the development of Hamtern Personal Asset Care and is now the product specialist.

Denis Ternent

is a founding director, with extensive experience in the corporate insurance market.

Ian Graham,

also a founding director, has experience in both commercial and corporate insurances, and latterly product schemes and affinities.

Iain Lindsey-Renton

has 45 years wide-ranging experience in the short term insurance broking market.

Mncedisi Ndayi

has a B Com Risk Finance and most recently joined Hamtern in the commercial claims team.

Front row left to right:

Louise Sanderson,

who joined Hamtern in May this year, has extensive experience in Performance Guarantees.

Angelique le Roux  

is responsible for the policy administration and advice for a large segment of Hamtern's commercial and corporate clients.

Elize Bronkhorst  

is valued for her extensive experience in corporate claims.

Zenichka van Staden  

works with Elaine on Personal Asset Care and was the first employee to join Denis and Ian at Hamtern.

Natalie Bruchhausen  

has extensive experience in commercial account management.

Just over six months have passed since the Consumer Protection Act was implemented on 1 April 2011. The Act ushered in many new responsibilities for South African business, not least of which was the introduction of no-fault liability in respect of products. The knee-jerk reaction from the insurance industry was a comforting, "at least most clients already have that type of cover in place"!

Hamtern Financial Services are specialists in construction-related guarantees

What are they?

A guarantee is a written undertaking by an institution ("the guarantor") on behalf of a party ("the principal") to pay an agreed amount to another party ("the beneficiary") if the principal defaults in terms of the contract between them.

At its awards ceremony this year, MUA, the Underwriters of Hamtern Personal Assest Care, awarded the trophy to Hamtern in the category "recognising the best growth in premium income."

Receiving the award from MUA is Ian Graham.

Secure your home before you go on holiday

by Christelle Fourie, managing director,
MUA Insurance Acceptances

For most South Africans December means holiday time, yet as consumers begin to wind down from the stresses of work and turn their mind instead to their upcoming holidays, the reality is that they actually face an increased risk of burglary in their homes.




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